How to date a model?

  Question:How to date a model?

  Answer:I Am talking about my singular case.

  How to compete with those guys?

  I mean I can hit the gym and the in better shape, but those guys are models and in their social media they show their life they want to show.

  Driving maseratis which I bealive are just for the picture or video, In my case I am consider my self good looking but not as much as those Zac efrons or Brad Pitts, I have money but I cant drive one day a Maserati and next day an Aventador

  Answer:I already kinda date her when I was there.

  But not real relationship, it las 2 weeks then I flight back

  Answer:Why do you even want to date her? Those Zac Efrons will still be talking to her and you'll just turn into a jealous and insecure boyfriend which will make her even less attracted to you. Just move on and find a girl that wants to be with you just as much as you want to be with her.

  Answer:Having tapped a few of these women myself, I doubt she's long term material. You smashed, feel good about it and move on.

  Answer:Don't try to compete with them - offer her something they don't. I once dated a girl who had guys taking her to fancy expensive places. I cooked a meal for her at home, and we got to know each other in ways she never did with them

  Answer:Sure I can do that in person, by whatsapp instagram I just dont know what to do.

  I hope I got my chance to see her again and make my move

  Answer:but she is like not too interested.

  I'd puke out that stuck up bi*ch and then I'd take it from there. Assert your position now or you're lost.

  Answer:this. If you can't add to her amazing lifestyle or are below her in terms of 21313600 "value," she won't want anything to do with you.

  These people live a charmed life of class and sophistication. If you are not even in the same socio-economic level, you're not even able to. You must possess some other intrinsic value or way to stand out from everyone else, enough to be noticed or be exposed to these kinds of people. It's not very easy.

  Answer:I have moneyy and Iam young but I cant drive one day a gt3 later a 488 and take my pvt jet for a walk... to lunch in paris and dinner in LA. Also I really dont like flexing and sht like that