Need anime recommendations. Looking for top?tier anime,any good anime with interesting story.

  Question:Need anime recommendations. Looking for top-tier anime,any good anime with interesting story.

  Answer: The Aquarion trilogy, Nayuta, Samurai Flamenco, Aldnoah Zero, Comet Lucifer, Flip Flappers, Maria The Virgin Witch, Nobunaga The Fool, Unit Pandora, all things with Go Nagai's name on it, all Braves minus Goldran (includes Betterman), Neo Ranga, Gun X Sword, Big O, Dai-Guard, VOTOMS, Giant Gorg, Acrobunch, Raijin-Oh, Ryu Knight, Godannar, Daikengo, Combattler V, Gravion, Miami Guns, Claymore, Ghost Hunt, Night Head Genesis, Gear Fighter Dendoh, Future Diary, God Mars, Jin-Roh, Hell Target, Bastard, MD Geist 1 and 2, Mad Bull 34, Flying Phantom Ship, Hellsing, Wataru, Freezing, Fafner, RahXephon, Haibane Reimei, Ideon, Xabungle, Daimos, Dunbine, Escaflowne, Orguss, Dancouga, Goshogun, the original Zoids, and Star Driver.

  Answer: The promised Neverland Dr stone No game no life

  Answer: Jesus christ dude, this is not /a/ you dont have to troll the guy making recommendation. (I only base this on the fact that all the things I have seen from your list, was not that great at all) Anything made by Satoshi Kon: "millennium actress" is my favorite. Also most Ghibli movies "grave of the fireflies" is my favorite here. Genshiken, The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Neon Genesis Evangelion + End of Evangelion, Code Geass (although the story gets worse in 2nd season) Golden Boy, Bakemonogatari (lot less story driven after first season, but recommend kizumonogatari movies), Dennu Coil, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, Durarara, Bakano, FLCL, Nana, Steins;Gate (only the first season), Black lagoon, Ghost in the shell (1995 movie and stand alone complex season 1+2), Cowboy Bebop, Break Blade (there is both a tv series and movies series, I would watch the movies), Tamako Market, Fate zero, Psycho Pass (only the first season), Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, k*ll la k*ll, Tonari no Seki-kun, Panty and Stocking, Lucky Star, Cromartie High School, Hoozuki no Reitetsu, Serial Experiments Lain, Great Teacher Onizuka, Hunter x Hunter (just avoid the threads on /a/), Attack on Titan (same here, avoid the threads), Seitokai Yakuindomo, Jojos bizzare adventure (part 3 onwards can be slow at times with enemy of the week style s**t), Inferno Cop (you can watch this short now on youtube, and if you dislike it, I dislike your taste), One Punch Man, Star Driver, Space Dandy, Cross Game, Log Horizon (2nd season is so-so), Trigun, Shirobako, Ping Pong the animation, Golden Time, Kara no Kyokai movie series (although the 6th one can be skipped), Azumanga Daioh, KonoSuba, Haikyuu, Rec, and the f**king greatest of all time and will stay that for a long time ahead, LEGEND OF THE GALACTIC HEROES.

  Answer: Jesus christ dude, this is not /a/ you dont have to troll the guy making recommendation. (I only base this on the fact that all the things I have seen from your list, was not that great at all) I don't troll, everything I list has at least one 10/10 entry.

  Answer: Aldnoah Zero is not good past the first episode. Nobunaga the Fool, is fun but a s**tshow that was only fun because the weekly threads asking what the f**k was gonna happen next. Future Diary is some of the biggest trash Jin-Roh, albeit good, is the worst movie made by Mamoru Oshii Hellsing, this really depend on if its ultimate or not RahXephonl, bruh... 10/10 is just a lie dude, unless you just listed all the things you have seen only.

  Answer: You are the only anon lying, nothing you typed is correct. They are all 10/10 and my anime count is well into the 1600s. Checkmate.

  Answer: 1600 anime and still trash taste Nice meme dude.

  Answer: What the f**k are you on about? How is it anything like a above average teenager going into adulthood with the power of a god that slowly corrupts him and his morality. Future Diary is just a death match about some people that have ways too see the future in different ways, where the only redeeming feature is a psycho f**king stalker k*lling people. It does not impact the world around it significantly, not does any character grow. Maybe the MC happens to be brave once instead of crying like a f**king bi*ch, but that is not development as much as it is a coward breaking his norm. Lets not get started with the last part when they just went Super Saiyan from nowhere. The only reason I can assume you like it is that the ending can be seen at the start.

  Answer: More like FD's story went over your cerebral ganglion. Don't worry, normie.

  Answer: If i just shipost I will surely mask my taste for fecal matter Okay then you superior being, tell me what is so good about this incredible show. Surely you must have a good reason to say it is 10/10!

  Answer: Action, music, writing, pacing, animation, art style, suspense, and cast were all high quality and worked well together. Closest thing to a problem it had was the ending theme.

  Answer: So can you tell me something concrete? I could write the exact same thing for Garzey's Wing but that tells nobody anything. What made the action good? Writing? How was it paced well? The animation i can give you, it was above mediocre. Art style is just any other anime in style. How did it build suspense? Anything of substance?

  Answer: popcornpilled Thanks mate, do you have any to add to the list? I mean, if you like those you probably have good recommendations for me. And I cant seem to find the dank stuff anymore.

  Answer: Not him, but FD is worth it for the reveal alone, which (especially if you have a good memory, binged it, or are prepared to watch it twice) is up there with Use of Weapons. I think it was quite audacious to spend most of the show building up a litany of apparent plot holes, weird characterisation, and inexplicable motivation, then address them all in one single revelation so momentous as to make the viewer reconsider every single thing that's happened up until that point. It's hard to articulate this point on a no-spoilers board, so I hope you'll be kind.