Feeling suicidal need help guys

  Question:Feeling suicidal need help guys

  Answer:Things will get better anon. These are not reasons to die. Promise.

  Breathe, smile, go slow.

  Distract yourself: Pet an animal, write, read, meditate, talk to someone (great start!), work out, watch a show, youtube s**t you've always wanted to learn about.

  And maybe accept it. "I FEEL like dying. Feelings pass. I won't judge myself for it and know that I am more than my emotions."

  You got this.

  Answer:You can lose it and are generally expected to, that's two forms of grief you're dealing with there. Just don't off yourself, because otherwise all the stuff you're sad about losing can never be felt again. While it's true that your relationships with these people will never be back again, it's important to understand the positive behind the pain you're feeling now. You're going to feel bad right now and it's gonna be s**tty and suck but what's important is that it will pass with time. Allow yourself to feel these things, it's ok and it's not gonna be a clean linear path to feeling better.

  For me when I first moved away from my ex I was on top of the absolute world and I felt bad for not feeling bad, if that makes sense. Now I'm feeling the pain and suffering the loss but it's ok because I know that if I was able to experience that height of love with a partner who wasn't the right one then the right partner will be one hell of a great ride. All of those positive feelings I can take with me away from this relationship I enjoyed and I can learn from the aspects of it that left me feeling this pain or that made it not work out. And that's wonderful!

  Answer:Overtime you will feel less sad about your grandma dying . Woman are interchangeable and you will meet another 1 in the futture .