What to do when reality hits hard?

  Question:What to do when reality hits hard?

  Answer:I've taken the Petersonpill before, even before he became popular. It's good stuff but I've never managed to have it make an impact on me.

Never considered it an option. Financially I'm secure enough for a few years at least, maybe a decade if i'm spartan about it.

  Answer:I do try to give my time to others quite a bit. I help older people around the village now and then, drive one into town every week for meetings and gatherings. I do know it makes a big difference to them which I'm grateful for, yet to me it just feels dead ended as much as my job.

As as of my job, it's just a cleaning a facility, half janitor half cleaner really. The janitor stuff is off the records, like fixing a stalled boiler or other easy stuff that takes a few minuets.