Girl is Starring at Me

  Question:Girl is Starring at Me

  Answer:Obviously she wants you to save her from her rapist. So here is what you do.
While she distracts the "boyfriend", club him from behind!
Next realize that is completely terrified of the "boyfriend", will pretend to be scared of you. So you must be strong willed to saved.
Grab her run. You must may it seem like you kid napping her so the "boyfriend" does not get suspicious. Remember her life depends out you ability to make sure the "boyfriend" doesn't suspect she been secretly communicating with you. You must do what is necessary for the greater good.
The only way to break the spell the "boyfriend" has over her to inject your seed into her. Take her as soon as possible so the "boyfriend" will lose all interest in her & she will be freed.
Hurry there's no time to lose!