Is erping considered cheating?

  Question:Is erping considered cheating?

  Answer:they do consider it cheating
they now think you're cheating on them constantly
No thanks.

  Answer:for some people it is. but to the person who is doing it with you, no. To them its just role playing but to someone who in reality is with you could be. It all depends on how far do you put your emotions into it.

  Answer:If you think that is the case but do it anyways even if we say its fine then you are cheating and don't even care.

I'm not doing it. I wanted to know the general consensus and it seems like it's a yes so I never will. I've never done it before at all.

  Answer:But you at least were interested enough to make this thread. Red flag to me. Sounds like you aren't getting something out of your relationship you want.